FAQ for Guests

1: How do I browse the listings?

In order to see what listings are available for your trip, visit our “Explore Listings” page and select the region where you would like to stay. We are adding new listings and regions all the time, so check back often!

2: How do I book a listing?

Each listing page has a big red button labeled “CONTACT HOST” where you can submit a request to book that accommodation. Select that button, enter your information, and the property’s host will contact you shortly

3: Are all the hosts brothers and sisters?

Our goal is to provide the friends with a way to connect with each other. While we encourage only brothers and sisters in good standing to list their properties, we do not claim any responsibility. It is the guest and host responsibility to communicate with each other directly. In their communication, they are responsible to vet each other, ask questions and verify all information that is being shared. This website is a free platform for communication. We are not involved the vetting or “booking” process. Please make sure you take all steps you find necessary to feel comfortable as a guest, or a host.

4: How can I find out the price of each listing?

Price ranges are typically listed on each property’s listing page. If you cannot find it there, feel free to reach out to the host using the “CONTACT HOST” button or any of the contact information listed on the page with a request regarding price

5: How can I find out more information about the listing?

Every listing has a “CONTACT HOST” button where the host can be contacted as well as contact information like email address and phone number. Feel free to reach out to any property host with any inquiries you might have about the listing

6: How do I pay for my accommodations?

All payments are handled directly between the hosts and their guests. Contact the host of the property where you’d like to stay to find out what payment methods they accept

1: Donations — Do I have to pay to list my property?

If it is your desire to show appreciation for this travel resource (as a host or guest) and contribute to the cost of hosting, marketing and maintenance, you may offer a donation at PayPal.me/JenCrespo. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

2: How do people book my property?

Each listing page has a big red button labeled “CONTACT HOST” where guests can submit a request to book your accommodation. Guests submit their request, their contact information is sent to you, and you reach out to the guest as soon as possible to sort out the details

3: Are all guests JW?

Our goal is to provide the brothers and sisters with a way to connect with other friends around the world for places to stay when they travel. While we encourage only JW in good standing to take advantage of our services, we do not claim any responsibility in this regard. It is the host’s responsibility to verify any and all information about their guests and to ask their guests as many questions as they need to feel comfortable with them staying at their property

4: How do I list my property?

Listing is simple. Visit the “List With Us For Free” page, select the plan that works for you, and follow the prompts to list your property. Click here to do that now.